4th International Symposium on Hypothalamic Hamartomas


The 2019 Symposium aims to identify gaps in understanding and opportunities for future Hypothalamic Hamartoma research studies and collaborations.

Presented by Hope for HH and Childrens National Medical Center
September 12-14, 2019, Washington, DC.


Senior, mid-level and young investigators will gather for a two-day research symposium on hypothalamic hamartomas (HH), a rare disorder associated with refractory epilepsy, epileptic encephalopathy, intellectual disability, behavioral comorbidity, and endocrinological dysfunction. We will analyze HH as well as other disorders/diseases entities that involve hypothalamic dysfunction and other genetic epileptic encephalopathies also with psychiatric co-morbidities to find commonalities and distinctions that may inform investigations to the combined disorders. Current HH treatment and managements will be reviewed. Results of ongoing HH research into animal models, comparative effective treatment pilot, FMRI, genetic, and cannabidiol research will be shared and discussed. Previous International Symposiums were held in Canada (2001), Marseille (2013), and London (2016).

Symposium Steering Committee

William Gaillard, M.D.

William Gaillard, M.D.

Children's National Medical Center
Washington, DC, USA

J. Helen Cross, M.D.

J. Helen Cross, M.D.

UCL Institute of Child Health
London, England

Alexis Arzimanoglou, M.D.

Alexis Arzimanoglou, M.D.

University Hospitals
Lyon, France

Daniel Curry, M.D.

Daniel Curry, M.D.

Texas Children’s Hospital
Houston, Texas, USA

John F. Kerrigan, M.D.

John F. Kerrigan, M.D.

Phoenix Children's Hospital
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Outline of Sessions & Topics

I. HH Primer including Discussion of HH related Comorbidities

II. HH Anatomy & Behavior
1. Anatomy/Neurobiology of the Hypothalamus
2. Imaging HH & Hypothalamic pathology
3. Pallisiter-Hall Syndrome
4. HH Neuropsychology and cognition: evaluation/findings
5. HH Psychiatric disorders and Treatment
6. Effect of HH surgery on behavior and cognition

III. Insights from Hypothalamic Syndromes and Epileptic Encephalopathies
1. Hypothalamic obesity
2. Hypothalamic Tumor syndromes
3. Prader Willi
4. TBI injury to pituitary
5. Tuberous Sclerosis an mTOR pathway disorders
6. Dravet Syndrome

IV. HH Research Updates & Opportunities
1. International Comparative Effective Study
2. Tissue repository
3. Genetics of HH
4. Imaging Insights from Connectivity Research Update
5. Rodent Model Research Update
6. CBD and HH


V. HH Surgery
1. HH Removal section
2. Laser Ablation
3. Gamma Knife Surgery
4. Open surgery
5. Focused Ultrasound

Invitees Targeted

  • Minorities and underrepresented medical professionals strongly encouraged to attend.
  • Registration fee waivers available upon request for Minority, underrepresented and young investigators.
  • Senior, mid-level and young investigators with an interest in HH and co-morbidities
  • Clinicians, clinical investigators, translational and basic scientists.
  • Multidisciplinary specialists including adult and pediatric neurology/epilepsy, neurosurgery, psychiatry, neuroradiology, neuropsychology, genetics, endocrinology, epidemiology, cognitive sciences, and pharmacology.
  • International guest welcome. Participants expected from across the globe, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Japan, China, and Australia.

Registration Info

*fees per guest including sessions, lunch, and refreshments

1.5 days - $150 includes lunch both days
Friday only - $100
Saturday only (half day) - $50

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*Limited accommodations available.

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For more information regarding registration, please contact Ilene Miller at ilenepennmiller@gmail.com.