Arizona Gives Day

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Arizona Gives Day

What will you be doing April 3rd? For those of you living in Arizona (and elsewhere) – there is an incredible opportunity to support the work being done by Hope for HH!

Tuesday, April 3rd is Arizona Gives Day and is a statewide, 24-hour, online giving campaign takes place in early April each year. Arizona Gives Day helps people find, learn about and contribute to the causes they believe in while enabling nonprofits to share their stories and engage the community through a unique online giving platform. Arizona Gives Day helps raise awareness about Arizona based nonprofits and the critical role they play in our communities, state and beyond. It inspires people to give generously to nonprofits making not only our state stronger, but also creating a thriving community for all.

Donations are not restricted to only Arizona residents!

In fact, during the campaign, there will be an additional $180,000 awarded as prizes to nonprofits who have the most total donors or raise the most dollars in their category!! That is where even out of state donations become critical!

Hope for HH is a small all-volunteer, organization with a huge mission and worldwide impact! Investing in patients and families, research, and education requires funding – every gift is important, no amount is too small.

Your generous support during Arizona Gives Day helps Hope for HH continue this effort by helping:

  • Maintain the Hope for HH Website with up-to-date medically accurate information
  • Support Family Conferences where patients and their families can obtain the latest findings in HH treatment and research, as well as meet other HH families
  • Conduct international professional conferences to encourage collaboration and facilitate a universal standard of care for HH
  • Deliver Surgery Care bags to patients and their caregivers while receiving treatment
  • Fund research grants to improve care and one day find a cure

All administrative and fundraising activities are done by unpaid volunteers so that the maximum amount of funding can go to critical programs that support our mission. If you would like to learn more about what we do – go to

So how can you help?? You can help us directly by donating and encouraging friends and family to donate on April 3rd. Spreading the word about AZ Gives Day could help us win some of the $180,000 up for grabs! Now THAT is a BONUS!


  1. Our page for this campaign is HOPE FOR HH – you can make donations there!
  2. If you want to create your own Campaign Page to share with friends and family and tell them what Hope for HH has meant to you, you can do so HERE!
  3. Be sure to LIKE us and FOLLOW us on social media and share the posts that will be coming in the next week! You can do that on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE!

We are grateful to all of donors that have supported our efforts throughout the years – it has given us the opportunity to facilitate change in the course of treatment for this rare brain tumor.

We have also been able to connect families in ways that were not possible before we established this organization in 2009. And today – we are supporting clinicians and scientists that are interested in finding better ways to treat HH and understand the genetics behind its development. With your support, we can continue to drive change and help patients and families to live better lives!