Enjoying new Expertise

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I often find pleasure in the simple things. I can be feeling down in the dumps and all Nathan has to say to cheer me up a little is, “Thank you for making dinner, Sweetie. That was yummy.”

Up until my surgery I was often overwhelmed just by following directions to microwave a TV dinner. I was afraid of the oven, too. Not too long after we returned home from Phoenix I started helping my mom in the kitchen. I took many of the recipe directions very literally. I read that it said to grease the bottom of the pan, and I was literally going to spray the bottom of the pan if my mom hadn’t stopped me from doing so. I said, “Then why don’t they say to grease the INNER bottom of the pan?” Slowly I began understanding the recipe directions better.

Now I am able to follow a recipe without any help. Occasionally I have to give my mom a call and ask her questions about bake time, substitutions, etc. Most of the time I am fine on my own. I still get uneasy about trying new foods and following the recipe to a T. I also have difficulty planning meals ahead of time. Nathan is good about helping with those things when I need it. Early on in our marriage I found that my favorite way to cook is using my Crockpot. I can start dinner early in the day when my mind is the most fresh, set the timer on it, and its ready when we want to eat. I have a difficult time keeping track of what I am doing if someone comes in to the kitchen to ask me questions or the phone rings. I guess you could say that I don’t cook well with others. I am far more confident in the kitchen now than I was several years ago and even when we were first married. Perhaps as time goes on I will be able to make more meals without completely following a recipe and even be able to cook with others.