March of Dimes Heroines of Washington Award

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This past fall I had the sincere pleasure of being nominated as a finalist for the March of Dimes Heroines of Washington Award. I was one of several women recognized for a commitment to serving the needs of others and giving back to the broader community while juggling a career, family, and day-to-day professional responsibilities. As part of the recognition process, March of Dimes interviewed each of the awardees in order to select the winner. A few seconds of my interview follow.

During my interview, I had an opportunity to reflect on the founding of HH. I am awestruck on how a few highly motivated people can create something that helps others, connects people near and far, and gives a little hope. I am forever indebted to my co-founders and co-partners in all things HH – truly incredible women and men I have the pleasure of serving our broader community with each day.

How awesome was it that my parents flew in for the occasion and got to share in this celebration. And my husband, Craig, who learned earlier that night that I had won the category actually managed to keep the secret – a rare feat in of itself. No one was more surprised than me when I was selected as the winner in the Professional Services category.

March of Dimes Heroines of Washington Award

Each of us has our own reasons for volunteering to a cause – HH or otherwise. For me, Hope has been a compulsion that I have felt I had to give back to ever since my son was diagnosed over 12 years ago. It’s as if every job and experience I ever had led me to Hope. While none of us do it for recognition, it is truly lovely to be recognized for something that comes from such a deep place and is so near and dear to my heart.

March of Dimes Heroines of Washington Award


I share this honor with all of the HH warriors – HH founders, caregivers, patients, and professionals – who gave and continue to give my son and my family community, empathy, and compassion.


March of Dimes Heroines of Washington AwardMarch of Dimes Heroines of Washington Award