My Courageous Mom and Dad

With Mother’s Day being this weekend and Father’s Day just around the corner, I have chosen to write about my parents, Barry and Bonnie Martin. My mom and I talk on the phone almost every day.  Some people think that’s weird.  I’ve heard, “Your mom calls you every day?” I respond with, “No, I call them as often as they call me.” Granted, my parents do live ten hours away from us and we don't see each other on a regular basis.  But we also have a very close bond because of all that we have been through together.  They are two of the few people in my life who truly understand me.  I know I was often not an easy child to deal with, but they never gave up on me.  There were times in my life before surgery when I questioned whether or not my parents would have still wanted me even if they knew everything that would come along with me.  I understand now that they would still have wanted me regardless of the HH.  I have also at times felt guilty for all I put them through for so many years.  I remember having rages as a little girl and all the while feeling guilty for how I was behaving.  I so badly wanted to be good.  I wanted to be able to control my outbursts and I couldn’t.  I felt as if I was possessed by some evil demon and in a sense that’s exactly what the HH was.  My mom and dad never gave up on me even in the worst of times.  They could have easily not cared about what was wrong with me.  They could have passed off that strange giggle as just something that Megan does.  They could have not researched HH on the Internet and not taken me to BNI for surgery.  There were times during my teen years that I would have preferred they not care so much because then I could have gotten away with whatever I wanted.  They have been there every step of the way through thick and thin.  I am so thankful that my parents cared as much as they did.  I hate to think where I would be now if they hadn’t cared so much.  There were times when I felt that I hated them for not letting me do whatever I pleased.  Are my parents perfect? Of course not.  But they are pretty darn fabulous in my opinion.  I wish that I could have been “easier” than I was all those years.  I tried their patience many times, that is for sure.  Their love for me has always been unconditional and I am so thankful for that.  Nathan and I hope to be parents in the near future.  I hope that we can be as wonderful of parents to the child God blesses us with as our parents have been to us.  I also hope that all of the parents out there reading this who are dealing with children with an HH can know that as frustrating as life is, there can be a light at the end of the tunnel.