Meet Sofia

[see translation here] Hello, my name is Luis Paulo and I'm the father of the little Sofia. I'm writing this blog on Hope For HH share a little of Sofia's HH story. I'm hoping this will help spread information about hypothalamic hamartomas and the Hope For HH...

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Meet Kate

When Kate was born in August of 2014, in Fargo, ND, the nurses immediately commented on how ‘vocal’ she was. We were a sleepless family, as she would always wake in the night, making her ‘crying noise.’ She often had episodes throughout the week, where it would last...

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Meet Charlotte (Charli)

Echoing so many of your stories of HH (hypothalamic hamartoma) discovery, Charlotte was born on the 22nd July 2004 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. My pregnancy was not complicated, I did have gestational diabetes, but a mild form that was controlled by diet....

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Meet Layla

Layla is our sweet Valentine baby, born February 14, 2014. She arrived 10 days past her due date in the biggest snow storm that year. We joke that she has been doing things her own way since before she was born. She is very spunky, strong willed and quite the...

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Meet Anniston

Josh and I found out we were pregnant with Anniston on our one year engagement anniversary (about 2 months before we got married) - the pregnancy was unplanned but we were both excited and felt blessed to have been able to conceive so quickly. During my pregnancy I...

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Laser Ablation for HH Coming to Europe!

Medtronic recently announced they received clearance via the CE (Conformite Europeenne) Mark to launch the Visualase MRI-Guided Laser Ablation System in Europe. This is great news for international HH patients that have been unable to use private pay insurance to...

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August 17th – National Nonprofit Day

Today is National Nonprofit Day. What kind of person starts a nonprofit anyway? I used to think it had to be someone that was a probably a celebrity, really smart, well connected, had access to a great deal of money and probably had lots of business sense....

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What Is That Seizure Called Now?

Diagnosing and classifying seizures recently became easier and more precise. The International League of Epilepsy (ILAE), the world’s main scientific body devoted to the study of epilepsy, revised its terminology in order to recognize that some seizure types can have...

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Meet Abby

Our daughter’s name is Abigail “Abby” Joyce Smith, she is 12 years old now, born December 2005. In utero, the doctors noticed she had a small dilation in one of her kidneys but everything else was perfectly normal. She had a normal birth and she had an ultrasound on...

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Meet Elleanor

Meet Elleanor On June 11, 2012, we welcomed our first child, Elleanor, to the world. She was healthy and we were able to take her home and try our hand at this parenting thing. She was growing normally, but would make this weird grunting sound. At two months old I...

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Independence Day

The Fourth of July is always such a fun day of celebration in the US. It represents so much for our country and the sacrifices that were made for a chance at a new life. It is celebrated with barbeques, family gatherings and fireworks!  Independence can have a...

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Meet Elizabeth

  HH is for life. In 1957 my wife was born, it was a normal birth but within weeks it was clear all was not right with Little Elizabeth. Doctors in those days had no idea how to diagnose complicated conditions in babies. As Elizabeth grew Epilepsy was confirmed...

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