Weird Girl with A Tumor | Personal HH Journey eBook available on Amazon


Weird Girl with A Tumor

Hope for HH is excited to introduce our community’s most recent published author – Sierra Crislip!

Sierra’s ebook titled Weird Girl with a Tumor tells her personal journey from a frustrated young girl with a hypothalamic hamartoma (HH) –  a condition few knew how to diagnose, to the smart and very insightful young lady she is today. She has not only overcome many obstacles in her life, but is learning to thrive as an HH survivor!

I asked Sierra a few questions to better understand how writing this book may have helped her on her journey of self-discovery. Here is what she had to say:


Why did you want to write this book?

I wrote this book because I want to share my experiences and struggles I had in the past and help others by understanding everyone is unique, but has amazing journeys ahead of them, no matter our disability.  


How long did it take to write the ebook?

The book took me 7 months to write it.  Each week I would take some time to go in a coffee shop and think and write what I can remember!


Did you discover anything new about yourself in the process of writing about your personal experiences?

I discovered about myself that by sharing my story, I have helped myself grow and become stronger.


Would you recommend other individuals or families write about their experiences as well - either as a journaling exercise or for a book?

Yes, I would recommend people write about their experiences as it could really make an impact on another person who went through similar situations, and that everyone finds their own outlets for what helps them. Experiences can be kept for journaling, and eventually turn into a book! I speak for those with disabilities that are unseen.


How did you get Amazon to publish the eBook?

A close family friend got the book published for me. 


For many individuals with HH and their caregivers as well, journaling, blogging or sharing your story at a meeting or conference can be very empowering as well as healing. Sharing your story with others can also help individuals in similar circumstances understand they are not alone!

Whether your journey has been extremely challenging or perhaps even easier than you thought – both types of stories will resonate with someone! In a rare community like ours, connection and support can make the difference between feeling isolated and feeling encouraged!

Don’t ever be afraid your story is “too depressing” or “too easy” to share. We all need to hear both – the journey is very rarely without bumps in the road, at some point in time, and we all will need encouragement to keep moving forward.

So journal, write, speak up! If you would like to share your story as a Featured Family on our blog and Facebook page – contact us at

Thank you Sierra for showing us how it is done! Sierra’s eBook can be purchased here for the Kindle.