Curing Epilepsy Conference April 17-19

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Next week, I will be attending the Curing Epilepsy Conference ( in Washington DC from April 17-19. I am really excited as it will bring together 400+ epilepsy researchers under one roof to reflect on research and progress to date and set a course for the future. I will attend the meeting and make sure the unique concerns of the HH community are represented. Until now, we did not have a seat at this table - the table where research dollars are allocated and priorities are set! In fact, Hope for HH worked hard to ensure that an HH caregiver is on the agenda to provide a caregiver's perspective. My husband, Dr. Craig Miller, will testify during the session titled "SESSION 4: What Do We Mean by Cures?" on Thursday, April 18 at 8:10 AM EST. This conference will be available via live webcast, and I urge you to watch on your browser. To access the live stream, visit the NIH Videocast website: The link to the Thursday, April 18 videocast is: Throughout the webcast, viewers will be able to submit questions to the speakers via the event feedback form. The nation's top epilepsy doctors will be gathered together in one place and this is a great opportunity to submit YOUR questions. If you miss the live event, an archive of the videocast will be made available after the meeting as well. I will do my best to keep our community informed of key information presented at this meeting. Let me know if you have any questions you want us me raise while I am there.