Appetite Changes

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Issues surrounding food and weight are very common after HH surgeries. As I’ve written about before, Ezri has consistently stayed at a level that equates to borderline obese, 95% BMI, regardless of the fact she does not overeat – more of slow metabolism type thing. She is also very picky about food and it seems to easily trigger mild seizure activity if she is asked to eat something she’s unsure about. Since the start of the school year however she has slowly lost about 3 pounds, growing all the while and so is thinning out some – this has never happened before, but we haven’t been questioning it much. Then this past week Ezri has had a number of days where she is unable to eat much of anything. I would guess the equivalent of about 300 calories total in a day. I have been giving her the regular variety of foods, foods she is used to eating and likes, and she’ll have a bite, say it tastes funny and won’t eat any more of it. Of course seeing this happen makes me wonder what is going on, so I’ve watched her closely and offered her foods that she typically loves and will eat a lot of. She has been a little sick, so I wondered if her throat hurt or it was making the food taste differently to her. She has also had a very loose front tooth that I thought might be the problem. But when giving her the foods she likes, she initially eats a couple of bites with no hesitation, actually enjoying it, and then it’s like something comes over her, it suddenly tastes bad and she spits it out. For example, I took her to Chick-Fil-A for lunch yesterday (a big treat – she LOVES the nuggets) in hopes of her getting a filling meal. She got through two nuggets, had a staring spell of about 20 seconds, tried to eat another bite and ended up spitting it out. She didn’t even touch the French fries which she normally loves. It is the same type of episode we caught on video here when she was about 3 1/2 and eating her absolute favorite food, Stouffer’s mac and cheese. The episode starting at 6:40 minutes through 8:45 minutes. I’m not sure what we can really do or should do about it right now. In the past, it’s been a type of episode that occurs once in awhile and so hasn’t impacted total intake of food, but over the past week, it has significantly reduced the amount of food Ezri is eating in a day. I just hope it is something that will pass on its own and do so quickly, as many of her atypical issues tend to do. On a happier note, Ezri lost one of her top front teeth tonight – it’s been loose for awhile and boy is she excited! (The photos show before and after the lost tooth…and even though we made cookies with chocolate kisses on top, she could have cared less about the chocolate…)