Decision to go with Laser Ablation at Texas Children’s Hospital

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As we learned more about HH, we were able to speak with many neurologists to help us determine how we would decide to treat Eli We had our initial neurologist, Dr. Shafrir in Baltimore, skyped with Dr. Rekate in New York, met with a neurosurgon at National Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC, had a telephone consultation with the Barrow Institute in Arazona, met with a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins, and met with Drs. Curry and Wilfong at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH).   At first we figured we would go with the endoscopic resection with Dr. Rekate, but as time passed we began having a gut feeling that we should seriously consider the laser ablation at Texas Children’s.   Really when it came down to it, it seemed like Dr. Rekate and Drs. Curry and Wilfong were our only two choices, and even Dr. Rekate stated “They’re doing great things in Texas.”  Once we met the doctors in Texas it was clear that this would be our course of treatment. Dr. Rekate’s endoscopic surgery was more invasive and risky, often riddled with complications, but the Texas laser ablation was very new with less than two years of outcomes to base our decision on, although they were having great success so far.  Before we left our appointment at TCH my husband and I looked at each other and without much discussion we both new the laser ablation would be the way to go. We feel confident with this difficult decision.

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