Getting Ready – It’s Not Long Now

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The surgery is right around the corner. There are several things we are doing to prepare for the surgery and trip to Texas.

We have seen various doctors to obtain baselines of Eli’s functioning before the surgery so after the surgery we have a better idea of any changes we should be concerned with. We have seen an endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, and a clinical neuropsychologist. We have also started steroids that will begin to shrink his brain over the next few weeks. There will naturally be some brain swelling from the surgery so the steroids try to minimize the pressure. But try and get a three year old to take another, gross tasting medicine, no easy task. He is taking 11 doses a day of medication- and hates every single one of them…

We haven’t prepared him overtly for the surgery. We play “doctor,” read books like Little Critter’s “My Trip to the Hospital,” talk about Texas, and when he is having seizures discuss how the doctors are going to try to fix it so he doesn’t feel so weird or bad.

Eli’s school has been wonderful at accommodating him. They are also doing a fundraiser for him by raffling off some donated gift baskets. He will not be able to return to school after the surgery for a few weeks but hopefully will go on the last day for the picnic.

Our clothes, packed. Plane tickets purchased. Rides to an from airport covered. New trinkets and toys to keep Eli occupied on the plane, purchased. Rental car, reserved. Paper and mail, on hold. Plants, watered. Eli’s hair, buzzed. House, cleaned. Accommodations, fingers crossed…

We are unsure of our accommodations. We are hoping to stay at the Ronald McDonald House but we will not know if there is space until the morning we arrive. They did not have room for us the last trip to Texas. We booked another corporate housing as a back-up, but they too cannot guarantee space at this time. So, hopefully we won’t be staying at a regular hotel the whole time- that cost will add up very quickly.

As anxious as we are for the surgery we are ready. Not long now!