Low Blood Sugar

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Had our appointment with Faith’s neurologist last week. Sadly it continued the week of blank stares during appointments which I found harder than any of the other professionals looking at me blank. She has always been my saving grace, always managing to come up with something or some good idea. But not this week, I still have lots of respect for her, as even though she has come to a point after 6 years of being lost for words, she was professional enough to recognise this and stated how she realized how ‘desperate’, things were getting instead of just staring, putting her head down and telling me she’d see me in 6 months. During the consultation I brought up the fact that she has been having continual episodes of losing her colour, becoming lethargic and staring. I explained how these episodes seem to get a little better after food. I stated that I have been mentioning that these ? Hypoglycemic episodes in the past and that she had actually had her blood glucose checked during one, which had actually been low but there had been no follow up. I also explained that I had been doing some research and had read how hypoglycemic episodes could effect mood. She, was interested in what I had to say, and agreed it needed checking. So that’s where we are up to this week, I am now waiting for the appointment, reducing carbamazapine and continuing the fish oil which she is taking well. The picture I am going to attach this week is of a happy little girl with attitude ready for a school disco. What the picture doesn’t show is the 2 hours it took her to get ready screaming and crying about the tights she was wearing.

2013-02-26 Faith