Positive Changes for Faith


After a frightening day of these new seizures and a visit to the hospital, it was decided to start Faith on Clobazam again.  We have tried it in the past along with every other antiepileptic drug available, but as these seizures are different and seem to be more focal with her definitely being unaware for a few seconds to a minute it was felt we had to try something and this is one of the quicker acting drugs without having to increase too slowly.

That night she continued to have these new seizures even in her sleep. I lay in bed watching my monitor all night. She started on 5mg once a day at night for two days then increased to 5mg twice a day. Thankfully since taking her first dose we have not seem anymore of these new seizures and initially her gelastic seizures also decreased.

We are now nearly a week into taking the clobazam and still a big improvement, we saw the neurologist yesterday and showed her two videos of the seizures.  She is organising a MRI incase anything as changed on the scan.  She has also made a plan for us to increase the Clobazam if needed.

Last night I saw an increase in Gelastic seizures and this morning she had one before going to school which she hasn’t since last week.  Hopefully they are not breaking through again, as there is a worry the clobazam could make her very drowsy if we increase too much.  Then you hit the dilemma of what is best reduced seizures or too tired to concentrate in school.