Update on Faith


This is a brief update on Faith, as it’s been so long since I’ve written anything. I think last time I wrote we were trying clobazam for the new seizures she was experiencing. It worked wonderfully for the seizures stopping them straight away. Sadly, it increased her outrages to an extreme that we could not cope with as a family. She was uncontrollable. As soon as the clobazam was stopped the outrages reduced to her normal more controllable outbursts. Unfortunately, the new seizures of head turning and being unaware came back with severity. Her neurologist suggested trying a fairly new drug on the market over here in the UK  called Zonisamide. Thankfully this has worked amazingly, her new seizures have stopped and her usually gelastic, partial complex have reduced also.  Her rages and unpredictable, irrational behavior still persist, and she is still have episodes of incontinence. We are just relieved to have the new seizures under control.