DC Family Forum | Meet The Speakers

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DC Family Forum - Meet The Speakers


Please meet Carrin Brandt who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  (LMFT) with over 16 years of professional and personal experience in working with families who have children with epilepsy and other medical conditions. Carrin will be leading a roundtable discussion on HH & FAMILY DYNAMICS.  Hope for HH understands many HH patients and their care givers struggle managing a complex diagnosis within the family dynamic.

Specialty Training & Background

Carrin Brandt is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Personal Experience as a Parent & Practitioner

Carrin’s experience with epilepsy started in 2001 with the birth of her first child who was born with a significant brain abnormality, developmental delays, and developed refractory epilepsy at 5 months of age.  Her child’s treatment history includes most epilepsy medications, Keto diet, VNS, and a hemispherectomy.  

Where She is Today

In 2011, Carrin joined the epilepsy team at Children’s National Health System, as a family counselor dedicated to support children and families dealing with epilepsy and epilepsy surgery.  She provides individual family counseling, support groups, educational consultations, and resources access. She also worked at as a Family Therapist for Fairfax County Early Intervention Program.

Other Leadership

Carrin was a long-term Board member and President for The Arc Nova, and is currently serving on the Professional Advisory Board of the Epilepsy Foundation. 

Outside of work Passions

Carrin enjoys gardening, helping others and have a strong commitment to the advancement of treatments for Epilepsy and support for families.

What questions do you have for Carrin? What transition challenges does your family experience? Navigating life with epilepsy? Spouse, parent-child and sibling relationship challenges? Behavior and school difficulties? Please share personal experiences illuminating concerns and practical strategies.

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