The Power of a Walk

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March 25th is the National Walk for Epilepsy in Washington DC

This annual walk has very special significance for Hope for HH – it is where two of our Founders – Ilene Miller and Lisa Soeby met to walk with their boys to raise awareness about HH and ended up committing to starting a Foundation!

Mark & CJ


Ilene has continued the tradition every year since with a Hope for HH team and the Soeby’s have joined whenever possible. Last year Lisa and CJ couldn’t make the trip to DC so they organized a walk in their neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona! It was a huge success and tons of fun! There were others that joined in the Walk Fever last year as well – from all around the world! It was exciting to see their photos on Facebook!


Arizona Walk

This year we would like to encourage EVERYONE to get the Walk Fever and join us on March 25th – with a walk around the block, around town – alone, or with 50 of your best friends! It just doesn’t matter! Get up and get moving and bring as many friends as possible with you!

To make it really fun – we have set up a Booster T-shirt campaign so you can order t-shirts and make a real statement! All proceeds from the t-shirts go directly to supporting the efforts of Hope for HH! It is super easy – you go online with the link provided here and the shirts will be delivered to each person directly! You as the walk organizer don’t have to buy in bulk or deliver the shirts anywhere! How easy is that?! You can order shirts up until Feb 24th and have them in time for your walk on Mar 25th!

Then, simply pick your walking route and set a time to meet up! You can walk around a school track, if you are concerned about street traffic, or go to your local park and walk in nature! And for those of you that are having snow…go to your local Mall and drive the shoppers crazy wondering what all the purple shirts are all about. What a great conversation starter!


Be sure to take lots of pictures and post them to the Hope for HH Facebook page the day of the walk! All those faces, places and purple shirts make a very Powerful statement indeed!