This is My Why | Kathy Jensen

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During our annual board training, each board member was asked to describe their ‘Why’. Why do you support Hope For HH? Why do you volunteer your time? Why is Hope For HH important to you and your family? Why do you feel it is important to be an active member of the organization?

Today we share Kathy Jensen’s ‘Why’. Kathy began volunteering for Hope For HH in 2013 and in 2015 became a board member. Kathy is currently the Director of Support and advocates on behalf of her son and all impacted by this rare syndrome.

This Is My Why – ‘Getting the Right Diagnosis’

Kathy Jensen
Kathy Jensen
Director of Support

It started with getting the right diagnosis and knowing that there are families out there that are struggling to start with that first step. Then as time went on, the push forward to help more families throughout the HH journey, for today and the future. Encouraging and supporting medical professionals as they search for new answers. Under all my desire to do something, anything is my drive to help our son.