A Difficult Week

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Last week was a particularly hard one for Faith. When I look back now there were many warning signs through out the week, and maybe I should have done something earlier but I’m not quite sure what though. At school Faith had many days of having vacant episodes. One day not recognising her key words and totally unable to carry out activities she would normally work through easily. Her one to one mentioned many times through the week that Faith had been having trouble with her friends and they had on occasion been angry with her. At home Faith had been crying constantly over everything and anything, finding the simplest tasks impossible to do. Over the last week or so she had developed an obsession with our books, carrying them around pretending to read the stories to herself. One night when I picked her up, she was complaining about ear ache, (which she seems to do a lot lately though nothing shows up when I take her to the doctors). When she got in the car, she asked if she could go to bed with her books when she got home. I said this was fine, as I never expected her to go to sleep. She had appeared quiet lethargic all week, though she never has lots of energy and is quick to tire if we go around town. She proceeded to take herself upstairs when we got in, changed herself into her pyjamas and got into bed reading her stories. As I was making tea, she shouted down for a hot water bottle which one of her sisters took up to her. A few minutes later when we were checking her, we found her fast asleep. She slept for a good two hours, which is so out of character. I did half expect her to come down with something after this, but nothing materialised. Then Friday, Sue (Faith’s one to one) texted me a few times that she wasn’t having the best day. On collecting her, I immediately could tell by looking at her that she was experiencing something as her eyes where staring and not focusing properly. Before picking up the girls I had to tell her that Katie had a friend coming home for tea, who would be sleeping over. She didn’t initially take this very well, shouting at me. She struggles when the girls have friends around initially not wanting them in the house, but then becoming obsessed with the friend, following them around the house. When the girls and Katie’s friend got in the car, she became very subdued. Once we got home, she changed completely franticly asking for three books. Though no matter what book we gave her it was not the right one. She became hysterical crying uncontrollably, I tried many times to try and calm her, but she was unable to talk to me. This went on for just under two hours, it was heat breaking watching her like this for so long. It just seemed to be escalating without any gap, normally she flits in and out of these episodes through out the day. After talking with my sister, I decided to give her, her emergency anti convulsant, buccal midazalam. This wasn’t very easy to do, as she became very agitated and aggressive, I only managed to get half the dose into her. After about 20-30minetes she began to calm and I was able to talk to her and eventually she settled enough to be able to sit down clutching her books under her arm, she spent the rest of the evening on the sofa reading herself a story. I find it hard to get to grips with these episodes as I never actually have a clear picture if this is seizure activity or behavioural. When talking to all the professionals we see, there is never a clear cut explanation for them. All I know is they are getting worse, in their presentation and frequency.

2013-01-24 Faith asleep (Custom)