CAMHS-Child adolescent mental health services

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It was the idea of Faiths neurologist to refer us to CAMHS, and we have been waiting a few months for the appointment. The day of the appointment finally arrived and Faith was feeling poorly. Desperate not to lose the appointment I rang the clinic to check whether I could attend without her; and they agreed after much discussion. We had had another hard week, so I was very eager to talk to someone who hopefully may understand what she is going through. The consultant takes me through to his room, initial opinion is good, as he starts by letting me know that he has caught up on Faith’s history and has done some research into her condition. Well, what a first, I usually find the first or even second appointment with someone new is all about reliving the last five years. He asked me to fill him in on what was happening now. So I talked and talked about different scenarios, now and again he would stop me to ask a certain question or for me to take him back over something in more detail. After what only felt like a half hour, which was actually two hours he commented on how much we were going through as a family and how impressed he was with different techniques we had tried with her. He then asked me how sociable she is, which I explained there was no problem with that, if anything she was too sociable, over stepping the boundaries. In that she will hug, stroke anyone. Initially being shy, but once she knows them and likes them she will go up to them anywhere and hug them. He then said, ‘I don’t won’t to scare you, but I’m thinking autistic spectrum’. I can’t say I was shocked because I’ve been thinking it for years. My phrase, is always,’I know she’s not autistic but. . . ‘  I walked out of there shaking, so confused with emotions, overwhelmed that another professional was finally seeing what I was, and at the same time frightened even more for the future.

2013-03-05 Faith