Difficult Times

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Faith’s sad angry days just seem to be getting worse, I feel like I’m running out of ideas. I seem to have tried everything. We have tried as a family not putting any added stress in front of her. For example, she has to do her own breakfast down to getting the bowl out of the cupboard, counting ten handfuls of breakfast, pouring the milk so every piece of cereal is covered; allowing her extra time to get dressed as her tights/leggings have to sit just right; and having a never ending supply of sticking material as this is her favourite activity.

Even though these and many other subtle every day things help her get through the day, there are still so many unpredictable events that throw us off course and then the sadness or aggression will set in. These are the times I’m at a total loss. You can’t talk to her as she’s totally gone with anger and sadness. We have tried singing songs trying to keep the atmosphere light. We have offered her different things to take her anger out on–a squeeze ball, a band on her wrist. The harming is increasing and her arms are covered in bruises from bites and scratches down her legs and arms. She will lash out at who ever is in her way or throw what ever is within arm’s reach.

What I don’t understand is that the school doesn’t see any of this, she has times of being vacant at school and will struggle at play time with her friends when she gets more moody than angry. Is she controlling it at school,? is it coming out differently by her being vacant.? So many questions.