Educational Psychologist

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Faith’s school has a new educational psychologist recently. I’d met her once at a statementing meeting, at which, she had suggested we meet up again with the class teacher and Faith’s one to one. The meeting was this week. She stated she felt Faith’s school file was all about what sounds, spellings and numbers she knew but nothing explaining what made a good or bad day for Faith. She started the meeting with a blank piece of paper and the three of us just talked about Faith and what helped her or what upset her. In the meantime the educational psychologist was busy writing things down and eventually came up with a wonderful A4 sized plan of what Faith needed to be able to have a more enjoyable day at school. Meaning she would hopefully find it easier to learn. I found it very interesting when the class teacher and the one to one added their insight and experience with Faith in the classroom setting. Her one to one explained that when they are doing spellings, Faith will write the first few letters to the word and then if she’s forgotten the rest and Sue or the teacher tells her the rest of it, she will rub the whole thing out and start again. They explained this scenario can go on for the whole session as by the time she comes to write it again she will have forgotten the same letters. She also struggles with physical education and dance with her balancing. The idea is for there to be a plan for any new teacher or assistant to be able to pick up and understand Faith’s little ways. This is the final plan. 

2013-05-23 Faith - Copy