Angela is mother to a 13 year old child who was diagnosed with HH at age 3.  After two laser ablation surgeries through Texas Children’s Hospital and the ketogenic diet for epilepsy through Johns Hopkins Hospital, her child became seizure free at age 5.  She was so thankful for all the support of the HH community, helping to navigate this challenging journey.  Over the years, Angela volunteered with various HH events and initiatives trying to give back the support she received.  

Professionally, Angela works as clinical social worker.   She has always worked in the education sector as a school-based therapist and supervisor in a middle school, creating and directing a college counseling center, and is currently at a high school serving as the school social worker.  She also serves on the Board of Directors as secretary for a nature-based charter school.

In her free time, Angela enjoys spending time with her husband and child, traveling, camping, and playing tennis.