Kathy is the mother of two very active boys. Her family started their HH journey with their youngest son, Colby, in 2012. In the fall of 2013 Colby had his first surgery. He had two weeks seizure free before the gelastic seizures returned. Colby had his second surgery in the spring of 2014 and third in the winter of 2018. Even with all of the visible HH tumor removed, Colby still has seizures. Kathy is driven to help other HH families with their own journey. A few weeks before Colby’s first surgery she met a family that was scheduled to have surgery as well. It was at this point she felt the need to reach out and help other HH families, providing the first surgical bag.

Kathy and her husband home-school their two boys, travel whenever possible and enjoy the outdoors. She works part time at a local hospital as a radiology technologist. Kathy is committed to using her experience and knowledge to help families navigate the HH journey.

In addition to Kathy’s role as Secretary, she is also Director of Support which includes the Patient Support, Surgical Bag program, Family & Patient Conferences and events.