Kimberly is the proud mother of three children. Her middle child, Colin, was born with an extra pinky finger, some abnormal toe formations, and an “unusual cry”. At 4 months old Colin was diagnosed with a kidney condition, at 11 months he was diagnosed with HH then shortly after he was diagnosed with Pallister-Hall syndrome. Colin had laser ablation surgery at Texas Children’s hospital when he was 2.5 years old and again at age 3 which helped reduce but not eliminate his gelastic seizures. After trying multiple medications as well as the ketogenic diet Colin continues to have gelastic seizures but is a delight and a joy to all who know him.

Kimberly and her husband, Paul, have been attending the Family Conferences since their son was diagnosed and have sponsored their local Neurologist to attend the International Symposium. Seeing first hand the incredible work and research Hope for HH is driving in the medical community, and the support they provide to the HH family community, motivated Kimberly to offer her more than 10 years of professional accounting skills to the organization.

Kimberly is a Chartered Professional Accountant and also has her Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick. Kimberly joined the Board of Directors late in 2019.