Research Grant Program

These research grant awards are intended for established, experienced, independent investigators affiliated with a research or academic institution whose proposed projects seek to investigate hypotheses directly related to hypothalamic hamartoma syndrome. Proposals are scored based on the quality of preliminary data, research design, feasibility, investigator’s qualifications, and overall impact. 

Investigators applying for a research grant should ensure their proposed project addresses the needs of the hypothalamic hamartoma syndrome community and Hope for HH’s mission to support research toward better understanding, improved treatments and ultimately a cure for hypothalamic hamartoma syndrome.



Applicants should be affiliated with a research or academic institution (excluding for-profit companies), may be US or foreign based, established in their field, and in good standing with their institution.

Our research priority areas include:

  • Research that helps identify patient trends, characteristics, epidemiology, or other clinical aspects of hypothalamic hamartoma syndrome and/or its comorbidities
  • Research that will encourage the development of novel therapies to eliminate or prevent seizure progression or halt the progression of other comorbidities associated with hypothalamic hamartoma syndrome
  • Research that helps to understand, predict, and prevent SUDEP

Application Instructions:

1 . Scientific Abstract and Lay abstract – 1 page

Please include a single page including a scientific abstract and a lay abstract. The scientific abstract should convey the hypothesis, goals, importance, and impact of the research. The lay abstract should convey the same information in language appropriate for someone without scientific training to understand clearly.

2 . Budget Page – 1 page

Often displayed as a table, the budget page should include a simple numeric breakdown of how grant funds will be utilized, including indirect costs and a final total of the funds being requested. Indirect costs of no more than 10% of the total award are permitted. If the total budget for your project exceeds the amount you are requesting from Hope for HH, your budget page must include a breakdown of how all funds, including those from other sources, will be used.

3 . Budget Justification Page – 1 page

The budget justification page should provide an explanation and rationale of each line item of the budget including why specific personnel and/or supplies are critical to the proposed study.

4 . Hypothesis and Specific Aims – 1 page

Please use a single page to lay out the hypothesis and rationale for the proposal including the specific aims to be accomplished.

5 . Research Plan – 4 pages

This should include background, preliminary data, experimental approach, methods, expected outcomes and discussion of potential pitfalls.

6 . Impact Statement – ½ page

A statement on how the research will impact the overall understanding, diagnosis, treatment or care of people with hypothalamic hamartoma syndrome

7 . Bibliography – no page limit

Please provide citations in NIH format (listing all authors)

8 . CV/Biosketch – not to exceed 3 pages

(For multi-PI applications, please submit a CV/Biosketch for each PI)

(i). Personal Statement

Briefly describe why your experience and qualifications make you particularly well-suited for your role (e.g., PD/PI, mentor, participating faculty) in the project that is the subject of the application. Within this section you may, if you choose, briefly describe factors such as family care responsibilities, illness, disability, and active duty military service that may have affected your scientific advancement or productivity.

(ii). Positions and Honors 

List, in chronological order, previous positions, concluding with the present position. List any honors. 

(iii). Selected Peer-reviewed Publications

Do not include manuscripts submitted or in preparation. The individual may choose to include selected publications based on recency, importance to the field, and/or relevance to the proposed research. 

(iv.) Research Support 

List both selected ongoing and completed research projects for the past three years (Federal or non-Federally- supported). Begin with the projects that are most relevant to the research proposed in the application. Briefly indicate the overall goals of the projects and responsibilities of the key person identified on the Biographical Sketch. Do not include number of person months or direct costs.

Application Steps:

Step 1:  Complete online application

Step 2:  Send required PDF documents to

Following scientific review and final decision by Hope for HH’s Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Board members, applicants will be informed of the status of their application.