A book can often help you to cope, to learn more about the comorbidities associated with this rare syndrome, to discover other people’s stories and find inspiration in their words.

The comorbidities associated with hypothalamic hamartoma syndrome vary from individual to individual. For some management of epilepsy is the overriding concern, others have endocrine or neurobehavioral issues to address, for many the legacy of the epileptic seizures can include developmental delay, behavioral issues, pervasive developmental disorders, ADHD and ASD. We have tried to include within this section a range of books touching on each of these areas.

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Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery

by Alexis Arzimanoglou, J. Helen Cross, William Gaillard, Gary Mathern, Philippe Kahane, Hans Holthausen, Prasanna Jayakar

Chapter 21 and 34 dedicated to hypothalamic

Epilepsy Patient & Family Guide

by Orrin Devinsky

This book is intended for adult patients and caregivers.

Lee, the Rabbit With Epilepsy

by Deborah M. Moss

The Donut that Roared

by Joan Yordy Brasher with Jackson Grant