Meet Dr. Christine Bulteau

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Hope for HH is co-sponsoring the 4th International Symposium on Hypothalamic Hamartomas – a professional symposium for HH investigators, clinicians and researchers – in Washington DC Sept. 12-14. The Symposium aims to identify gaps in understanding and opportunities for future HH research studies and collaborations to improve diagnosis, treatment and care of both the seizures as well as the other endocrinological and neuropsychological symptoms.  

In this blog series, we will introduce you to several internationally recognized clinicians and researchers who are thought leaders both inside and outside of HH and who will serve as facilitators, presenters and discussants at the Symposium. Highlights of the Symposium will also be available to the HH patient and professional community following the meeting.

Meet Dr. Christine Bulteau

Dr. Christine Bulteau is Professor of Pediatric Neurosurgery at René Debré University Hospital as well as Neuro-pediatrician at Adolphe Rothschild Foundation in Paris, France. Pr Bulteau research focus includes  development of Neuropsychology, Cognitive effects of infantile epilepsies, and pediatric epilepsy surgery.

Dr. Bulteau will be presenting the Effect of HH Surgery on Behavior and Cognition during the session titled IMPACT OF SURGERY ON COMORBIDITIES.


What is your specialty training and background?

 I am a pediatric neurologist and a specialist in developmental cognitive psychology in pediatric neurology and more particularly in childhood epilepsy.


How did you become interested in HH research and care? What are your contributions to the HH field of research and care? 

I belong to the pediatric epilepsy surgery task force (ILAE) since 2003 and participated to multiple works and international guidelines for pediatric epilepsy surgery. I am the head of the neuropsychological unit in our Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery and study the pre and post-operative course of the patients with intractable epilepsy who are referred to our department for presurgical workup and surgery. I’m more focused on hemispherotomized patients and temporal lobe epilepsy patients. Regarding the HH, I have worked with Dr Olivier Delalande, pediatric neurosurgeon, from 2000 until his retirement in 2016; he proposed the international classification and developed the endoscopic disconnection surgical procedure and we have a long experience of this population. 


The Symposium is important because

As the disease is quite rare and the anatomical presentation may differ from small to giant HH with different surgical approach, we are expecting from this international symposium many exchanges and ideas from many types of specialist: clinical, neurophysiology, MRI, cognitive, neurosurgeons, basic research.  Moreover, as the HH belongs to the brain areas involved in emotional and memory system, it will be important to develop cognitive and psychiatric protocol to evaluate the patient.


Outside of work passions

Hiking , traveling, classic dancing, fitness, reading, swimming , scuba diving.

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